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How can I raise conservation funds from major donors?

Updated: Jul 11, 2022

Major donor fundraising provides a huge opportunity to generate considerable funds, often with less restrictions than funds obtained through the normal conservation grants process. Encouragingly, here are also positive signs that philanthropic giving for environmental causes is increasing (link to report here). But if you are a conservation organisation where do you start to gain access to major donor funds?

At WildTeam we have had some success with major donor fundraising, but like many organisations we are not that good at it and have worked out what to do very slowly through experience. Wouldn't it be nice if all conservationists could learn a lot quicker just by talking to an expert! To help make that happen, I interviewed Louise Morris of Summit Fundraising to answer the below and other questions to help those of us in the conservation community that are considering starting, or wanting to strengthen, our major donor fundraising.

Where can you find major donors?

How should you reach out to them?

What characteristics do you need to be successful at major donor fundraising?

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