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Join us in a groundbreaking initiative designed to revolutionise conservation training.


There is a growing need for practical, skill-based training to effectively address complex conservation challenges. Join WildTeam in a groundbreaking initiative designed to revolutionise conservation training. We invite university lecturers and professional trainers to access and adapt our high-quality, open-source class-based conservation courses, creating a dynamic and impactful learning experience for students worldwide.


Experience our courses firsthand: Start by enrolling in our online courses at no cost to you. This first step allows you to immerse yourself in the content and understand its practical application.

Access open-source materials: We provide a comprehensive suite of class-based training materials that are entirely open-source. This means you have the freedom to use, adapt, and share these resources to tailor them to your specific educational needs.

Ongoing support and collaboration: Join our supportive network of conservation educators, benefiting from expert advice and sharing best practices in our interactive online community meetings.

No funds, no obligations: There is no exchange of funds or contracts and if you decide not to deliver any of the courses after you have explored them then that is totally up to you. Instead we see this approach as a way of us all working together to realise our shared aim of developing highly skilled and ethical conservationists.

Senior Lecturer in Zoology, Nottingham Trent University

Embedding WildTeam’s PPWC course into one of our modules has allowed the students to engage with the strategy development process and then apply what they’ve learnt to a real-world problem set by a local conservation organisation. Through this, the students have also developed sought-after graduate skills, such as problem-solving and critical thinking, for their future careers.


Comprehensive online exams: WildTeam offers online exams, enabling your trainees to validate their knowledge and skills.

Recognised certification: Upon successful completion of a course, trainees receive a certification recognized in the conservation field, signifying their proficiency in each skill set.


Project Planning for Wildlife Conservation: A flagship course currently being delivered by Nottingham Trent University for their conservation students.

Other courses: Explore our range of courses, including grant writing, monitoring and evaluation,  stakeholder engagement, and project management, each designed to offer practical, complimentary skills. They can be delivered as individual courses, or combined to enable trainees to become certified as a wildlife conservation professional.


Empowerment for trainers: Enhance your teaching portfolio with adaptable, cutting-edge content and connect with a global network of conservation educators.

Skill development for trainees: Equip your students with practical, certified skills, crucial for their career advancement in the field of conservation.

One world, one team: Through WildHub, our global online community of conservationists, the trainers and trainees will also obtain free, lifetime access to fundraising, collaboration, learning, and wellbeing support.

Contribution to global conservation: Your participation plays a vital role in improving conservation practices worldwide by empowering generations of conservationists to come with key skills that enable them to raise more funds, design better projects, and deliver measurable conservation impact.


Ali Skeats is a dynamic trainer and project manager, deeply invested in integrating indigenous communities into conservation efforts. Ali's varied roles in non-profits and academia have honed her skills in leading impactful capacity-building programs.

Currently steering the ship as WildTeam's WildLearning Manager, Ali is all about delivering professional conservation training and supporting the WildTeam Trainers Network. Previously, Ali made significant strides at Cool Earth as the Programme Manager and Biodiversity Lead. There, she was pivotal in developing projects in Papua New Guinea, focusing on forest research intertwined with indigenous knowledge. Managing partnerships and coordinating with NGOs across Africa, Ali's role in extending Cool Earth's Rainforest Network was crucial.

When not immersed in her conservation work, Ali will be clinging on by her fingertips to the solid granite of a Cornish cliff. 


Interested in being a part of the WildTeam Trainer Network? Fill out our short survey to express your interest, and we will get back in touch with you to discuss next steps.

Join us in a groundbreaking initiative designed to revolutionise conservation training.

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