You will unite or you will fall.  
Elrond, Lord of the Rings

How can team training help my team?
Team training can help you:
  • Increase effectiveness 
  • Improve work standards 
  • Strengthen team bonds 
  • Build motivation and morale 
  • Energise staff 
  • Reduce staff turnover 
  • Improve your organisation's reputation 
  • Attract the best talent 
  • Save induction time and cost 
What key conservation skills can I get my team trained in?

You can get your team trained in any of the following:
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What will my team training experience be like?

All team training will:
  • Be online
  • Be 6 weeks long
  • Involve 3-3.5 hrs of learning each week
  • Include video tutorials and expert-led live group sessions
  • Lead to certification
How much does it cost?
1-7 participants:
£195/participant/training workshop
8+ participants:
£156/participant/training workshop
How can I set up my team training?
Simply contact us to tell us how many staff you need to train and what training workshop they want to join.

If you have 30+ participants then we can also organise a private team training workshop, scheduled to best suit your needs.
You can also organise team training for staff from multiple organisations and locations. 
Who has taken our team training?
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