Wildlife Water Splat

Coronavirus can't stop your team building their conservation skills. 

Give your team an online training workshop to build their conservation skills

What can we learn?

Your team can gain certified skills in each of the following:

  • Project Management for Wildlife Conservation (click here for more details)

  • Strategy Development for Wildlife Conservation (click here for more details)

What is the training like?

  • The online training workshop is made up of a combination of video tutorials, exercises, and expert-led group sessions

  • Online rooms are used to facilitate team bonding, peer to peer learning, and access to expert advice

  • An exam at the end of the workshop helps participants to build their confidence in applying their new skills, and documents their professional development

  • Over 90% of participants will pass the exam first time around and the remainder will get to retake the exam for free

What will we have to show

for it?

All participants passing the exam will:

  • Gain a certificate that can be added to their online profiles and referenced in their cvs

  • Be added to WildTeam's global skills register


How long does it take?

It normally takes 6 weeks with 3 hours of learning time/week

Longer or shorter schedules can be arranged to suit your team's needs

How many can be trained?

A minimum of 12 and a maximum of 70 participants can be trained through one online team training workshop 

How much does it cost?

As a non-profit charity our focus is to help you and your team have more conservation impact, so we only look to cover our costs.


The total cost depends on the number of participants - the more participants, the more cost-effective it is.


For example:

30 participants = £5,300 (£177/participant) 


You can use this sheet to calculate the exact total cost based on the numbers of participants you want to train. 

How does it work?

  1. Email us at hello@wildteam.org.uk to tell us how many participants you want to train and what you want them trained in

  2. We have a 15 minute online chat to set the schedule

  3. If you want to go ahead then your online team training workshop is then secured upon payment

  4. If fewer participants than planned attend then we refund you the difference 

  5. If more participants attend then planned then we send a final invoice to account for that additional cost

What people say

Best run meetings on [conservation] strategy development we ever had.

Debbie Banks Environmental Investigation Agency

Debbie Banks

Environmental Investigation Agency, UK

The energy that WildTeam put in our projects is an enormous inspiration for us for keep fighting in the complex world of nature conservation.

Tomás Gárate  Fundación Legado Chile

Tomás Gárate 

Fundación Legado Chile

WildTeam's project management approach has revolutionised the way we work and energised the team.

Brett King NQ Dry Tropics, Australia

Brett King

NQ Dry Tropics, Australia