Most conservationists will manage a project, but very few have ever had any formal training in this key skill set

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95% of respondents agreed that "it is essential that conservationists receive more training in project management skills to increase measurable conservation impact"

Assessing the need for project management skills


We surveyed 250 conservationists from 52 countries to check that project management skills were a need, and you agreed.

Download the full survey report here.

Project Management for Wildlife Conservation
Provides a knowledge base for delivering any type or size of conservation project.
Using this best practice will help you:
  • Apply key principles, to maintain high standards of effectiveness and ethics

  • Define roles, to clarify team structure and decision-making

  • Carry out phases, to manage a project from start to finish

  • Set up control processes, to keep a project on track and adapt to new knowledge and changing conditions

  • Set up administrative processes, to help conduct effective internal meetings and develop high-quality project documents and technical deliverables

This best practice is compatible with the Strategy Development for Wildlife Conservation best practice and the Open Standards for the Practice of Conservation.

This best practice comes with a set of templates to help you:
  • Track progress of work and impact

  • Assess risks and issues

  • Assign roles

  • Document and share lessons learned

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