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Creating Lasting Conservation Partnerships in Mongolia


Conservation work is not just about protecting wildlife and natural environments; it also involves engaging with stakeholders who can significantly influence or be affected by these efforts. Stakeholders can vary depending on the conservation situation, and their involvement is crucial for the success and sustainability of conservation initiatives. Recognizing the importance of effective stakeholder engagement, the Wildlife Conservation Society - Mongolia has taken the initiative to translate and adapt the Stakeholder Engagement for Wildlife Conservation manual, providing Mongolian conservationists with invaluable guidance and tools to navigate this complex process.

Mongolian version of WildTeam's Stakeholder Engagement for Wildlife Conservation manual

Empowering Conservationists

The purpose of the Stakeholder Engagement for Wildlife Conservation best practice manual is to equip conservationists in Mongolia with the skills and knowledge to engage stakeholders effectively and ethically. By engaging stakeholders, conservationists can enhance the information base for conservation strategies, access vital resources such as funding and expertise, and secure consent and active participation for their work. This manual serves as a step-by-step guide, applicable to any conservation project, regardless of its scale, focus, or duration.

Complementing a Comprehensive Approach

The manual can be utilized as a standalone resource, but it is most impactful when combined with the other best practices in the Wildlife Conservation Professional Series. The Project Management for Wildlife Conservation best practice provides an overarching framework for conservation projects, while the Stakeholder Engagement manual can be seamlessly integrated throughout the project phases. By linking these best practices, conservationists can effectively manage their projects from initiation to completion, ensuring meaningful stakeholder involvement at every step.

Applications in the Field

The versatility of the Stakeholder Engagement manual allows it to be applied to diverse conservation scenarios. Whether engaging stakeholders for a community forest management project or advocating for policy changes on fossil fuel usage, this resource provides invaluable guidance. Moreover, the manual extends beyond a mere guide, serving as a training and facilitation resource, enabling conservationists to enhance their skills and adapt the guidelines to suit their specific needs.

Unlocking Conservation Success

By translating and adapting the Stakeholder Engagement for Wildlife Conservation manual, the Wildlife Conservation Society - Mongolia has empowered Mongolian conservationists to navigate the complex terrain of stakeholder engagement effectively. This resource not only saves time and resources but also minimizes potential risks and ensures ethical practices throughout the engagement process. With this invaluable tool in hand, Mongolian conservationists can bridge the gap between stakeholders and conservation impact, leading to more successful and sustainable conservation outcomes.


The Wildlife Conservation Society - Mongolia's translation of the Stakeholder Engagement manual marks a significant step forward in empowering Mongolian conservationists. By providing them with a standardized and adaptable approach to stakeholder engagement, the manual strengthens their ability to navigate complex conservation challenges. With enhanced stakeholder relationships, Mongolian conservationists can achieve greater impact, secure vital support, and foster a collaborative environment for the preservation of biodiversity. This translation effort is a testament to the commitment of the Wildlife Conservation Society - Mongolia to support and empower conservationists in their crucial efforts to protect Mongolia's unique natural heritage.


  • You can get a free download of the Mongolian version of this manual from HERE

  • There is also a Mongolian version of the Project Management for Wildlife Conservation manual, which you can get from HERE.

  • The English version of all WildTeam manuals can be found HERE.

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