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Aligning WildTeam Mission with the JEDI Framework: A Path to Inclusive Conservation

At WildTeam UK, our mission transcends traditional conservation boundaries, aligning closely with the principles of Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (JEDI).

Justice: Fairness in conservation access and opportunities

Injustice in any form can impede conservation efforts. We recognise this and strive to address inequalities in the field. Our focus on providing training and resources to those from disadvantaged backgrounds is a step towards rectifying power imbalances in the conservation sector. By enabling equitable participation, we contribute to a fairer system where justice prevails in both conservation practice and education.

Equity: Tailored support through training bursaries

Equity is at the core of our training initiatives. We understand that individuals from different backgrounds face unique barriers. To bridge this gap, WildTeam UK offers training bursaries specifically designed for women, ethnic minorities, and those facing financial or geographical challenges. These bursaries are not just financial support; they are tools of empowerment that open doors to opportunities and professional growth in conservation.

A tree with a diverse range of hands on top of it.

Diversity: Cultivating a varied conservation community on WildHub

Diversity is our strength, and this is vividly reflected in WildHub. Our online community is a vibrant tapestry of conservation professionals from various backgrounds, each bringing unique perspectives and experiences. By fostering a diverse community, we ensure a rich exchange of ideas, enhancing the quality and effectiveness of conservation solutions.

Inclusive conservation: Creating a welcoming space on WildHub

Inclusion goes beyond diversity; it’s about making sure everyone feels valued and heard. WildHub is more than a platform; it’s a community where every member, regardless of their background, can share, learn, and grow. We actively work to make WildHub a space where differing viewpoints are respected and where every member can contribute meaningfully to the global conservation dialogue.

Implementing the JEDI Framework in Our Work

Our alignment with the JEDI framework is evident in our daily operations. We ensure that our training, community engagement, and project implementation reflect these values. From the planning stages to execution, we constantly evaluate our impact through a JEDI lens, ensuring that our actions promote justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion.

The journey to fully embodying JEDI principles is continuous. We remain committed to regularly reviewing our strategies and policies, ensuring they align with these core values. By integrating JEDI into every aspect of our work, we aim to not only advance our conservation goals but also to champion a more equitable and inclusive approach in the wider conservation community. At WildTeam UK, adopting the JEDI framework isn't just a strategic choice; it's a reflection of our values and commitment to a more inclusive, fair, and diverse conservation future.

Through our targeted training, bursaries, and the WildHub community, we are actively breaking down barriers and building a conservation sector that is accessible and representative of all.

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